I love Asians…

Some kid brought this in to work today…


Banksy – Extended

A sneak peek at the movie. Gives us more of an idea of what its about.

We’re all mad here

Today I had the chance to go and visit an exhibit on loan of Dali’s interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. There are 12 paintings, one for each chapter of the book, and each one does an amazing job going over each chapter. My friend and I sneaked a few pictures with our camera phones, so the quality isn’t great but I hope it will at least wet your appetite.

Exhibit Website

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Banksy @ the movies

Banksy is the man. There is no doubt about it. Want proof ? See this earlier post. He made a film titled “Exit through the gift shop” and is slowly releasing it through the world. For up to date details on dates and cities visit his official site at http://www.banksyfilm.com/.

I wanted to share the 2 posters released so far to promote his movie as well as the trailer to it. Enjoy!

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Old Spice, New tricks!

Old spice has been releasing some hilarious commercials lately, the one above and the few following after the break are just the most recent… One little problem though… that’s not his left bicep!

EDIT: His right bicep is pointing at his left bicep which… well it makes sense… Sorry!

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Barcode tattoo?

Whenever I start thinking about possible tattoo designs, one in particular sticks out, a barcode. In part for personal reasons but also in part for political reasons… a very subtle way of giving our current “monetary-value focused” world a stiff middle finger… Granted nothing will get accomplished, but it looks pretty damn cool.

Anyways, back to the barcode. The above is an actual working barcode and is encoded with personal information such as age, height, weight etc. The best part about it is based on that information it comes up with what your “value” would be based on what is ideal for your particular age, $10.00 being the highest. Care to try?


By the way… mine is $9.45. ;o)

Faces everywhere!

Oh No! I’m a Pickle!

Ever since the AmEx commercial with all the faces came out (after the break) I subconsciously find myself looking for faces on inanimate objects. Here are the 2 most recent ones I have found.

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