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Right next door at the Everglades…


Boredom + Supplies =

Old Payphone booth + construction paper

Over the past week or so I’ve had a little too much time at work, and the result has been a few fun creatures, one of which I’m adding to my drawings. Enjoy!

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I’m aware its been almost a month Since I’ve posted anything here but no, I haven’t abandoned my blog. More posts to come very soon. I promise!

Barcode tattoo?

Whenever I start thinking about possible tattoo designs, one in particular sticks out, a barcode. In part for personal reasons but also in part for political reasons… a very subtle way of giving our current “monetary-value focused” world a stiff middle finger… Granted nothing will get accomplished, but it looks pretty damn cool.

Anyways, back to the barcode. The above is an actual working barcode and is encoded with personal information such as age, height, weight etc. The best part about it is based on that information it comes up with what your “value” would be based on what is ideal for your particular age, $10.00 being the highest. Care to try?

By the way… mine is $9.45. ;o)