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Wait Wait… Don’t tell me!

Have a long boring drive ahead of you? Cant sleep and Facebook just isn’t cutting it anymore? Want to know whats going on in the world and have a good laugh at the same time? NPR’s show “Wait Wait… Don’t tell me” is the answer. Every week they bring 3 guest comedians to serve as a panel and help tell the news in the form of a game show with listener participation. They also include every week one celebrity (such as Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater, Michael Moore, The Village People, etc) who participates in one of the games. The show is especially funny when Moe Rocca or Paula Poundstone are panelists. The show can be heard on the radio via your local NPR station on Saturdays or you can listen or download as a podcast here.


Banksy @ the movies

Banksy is the man. There is no doubt about it. Want proof ? See this earlier post. He made a film titled “Exit through the gift shop” and is slowly releasing it through the world. For up to date details on dates and cities visit his official site at

I wanted to share the 2 posters released so far to promote his movie as well as the trailer to it. Enjoy!

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Old Spice, New tricks!

Old spice has been releasing some hilarious commercials lately, the one above and the few following after the break are just the most recent… One little problem though… that’s not his left bicep!

EDIT: His right bicep is pointing at his left bicep which… well it makes sense… Sorry!

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