Why so serious?

Been working on a stencil for a blank deck I bought recently so I thought I’d turn it into a tutorial. Very amateur but it works!

Step 1:

Find a picture. I’m using Joker for mine.

Step 2:

Follow the tutorial found here to transform the picture into something like this:

UsingPhotoshop print only the outline.

Step 3:

Print out on sticker paper and begin cutting. To do this I recommend using an exacto knife for as much as you can since they are more precise than scissors if you know how to use them. Make sure to tape the corners so the paper doesn’t move around. As you cut stick the part that you are painting over on the surface you are painting.

Before painting it should look something like this:

So all the black, when painted will be white and the white will remain black.

Step 4:

Make sure to cover all other exposed areas. Go outside, hold spray paint can a good 8 or more inches away and spray in even strokes until you get a full even coating. The sticker paper will dry almost instantly, but your surface will not. Let it dry and then reapply.

Step 5:

When dry, carefully peel off the sticker paper and its done.

Feel free to email me with any tips, suggestions or questions!

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